Maker Space Day!

Have you been curious about how we are using the recycled supplies you’ve been sending in to the art room?  This week we had a chance to dig into these goodies as we celebrated Maker Space Day!


As 1st-5th grade classes earn Class Dojo points for outstanding behavior in the art room they earn prizes.  The art prize at 50 points is Maker Space Day – a day to tinker, build and create!


To get us inspired, I share this short documentary about a 9 year old boy named Caine who built his own cardboard arcade… but the story doesn’t end there.  It’s truly inspirational!  Check it out:

After the movie, students were given a random assortment of recycled goodies to work with.  Students could work independently or collaboratively.  While some students decided to make a game of their own, many others did not.  It was really exciting to see their ideas evolve!

Leah in 5th grade made this awesome tape wallet:

Here’s a cool assortment of items made in one class.  I love the variety!

This third grader made a sweet guitar… that he could also use as a giant hammer 🙂

Chloe in 2nd grade made this miniature movie theater!

“Mrs. Barlett, is it ok if I knit with a pencil?”  OF COURSE!

This 2nd grader made a neat necklace and a jewelry box to match!

This started out as “owl binoculars” but evolved into this great basketball arcade game!

Micah made this “dabbing guy” that he then turned into a short animation!


It was a really fun day!  Please keep sending in those oddball supplies!

I hope you all have a great spring break and make lots of cool stuff!


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