Spring fun!

​The art room was full of creatures and color this week!


Kindergarten artists made shape alligators inspired by our school mascot, Alex the Alligator!  After drawing and painting we watched this old school video of Maurice Sendak’s “Alligators All Around” that I remember from my kindergarten days 🙂

First Grade​

First grade artists made gardens using a variety of lines and shapes.  They began their gardens by playing a game — roll the dice to determine the shapes you will use!  Students could add lots of other details as well like butterflies, clouds, worms and more.

Second Grade

Second grade artists learned about the amazing migration of monarch butterflies.  Together we painted symmetrical butterflies.  We used a printing technique to ensure each side would be identical.  We folded the paper and painted a line or two at a time on just one side of the paper.  While the paint was still wet we folded the paper, rubbed the back and opened it back up to reveal a printed line on the opposite side.  Works like magic!

We used chalk pastels to color them – wow!

Third Grade

Third grade artists began making LEGO self-portraits.  What 8 year old doesn’t love LEGOs?!  We paid attention to proportion and added details to our pictures to help identify ourselves in our pictures.

Check out this cool video of LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya who creates amazing LEGO sculptures!

Fourth Grade

Fourth grade artists learned about American painter Keith Haring!  They used dice and a game board to “Draw A Haring” composition!

Fifth Grade

Fifth grade began working on a self-portrait project inspired by painter Chuck Close.  He uses a grid system to create his realistic portraits.  We began by making a grid and filling it in with colors of our choice.  Next week we will begin making our self-portraits using… fingerprints!

Classes earning 50 or more art Dojo points continue to participate in “Maker Space Day”!  It’s a day of unstructured building and tinkering in the art room.  Check out this cool basketball arcade game one of Ms. Turner’s 4th graders built in about 20 minutes using a cereal box and yarn!


And finally… our Little Free Library has made its debut in the garden!  We are official!



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