Better than a Fidget Spinner!

Fidget spinners!



​​​The timing is perfect to introduce one of my favorite art activities… Kumihimo weaving!  You can call them friendship bracelets 😉

Students in grades 2-5 made small looms and started their own bracelets.  The weaving is fun, relaxing and absolutely more fun than a fidget spinner!  In fact, some creative friends in Ms. Leigh’s class named them “Friend-get Spinners”!  Isn’t that a great name?!

The looms are super easy to make.  We’ve been using scrap cardboard and cereal boxes (thanks for sending in those donated items)!

Cut the scraps into a square:

Poke a small hole in the middle (ask an adult for help with this step):

Cut the 4 corners off to make an octagon:

Draw 4 short lines.  We used compass vocabulary  (I see you, Social Studies SOLs!!)  Draw a line at North, South, East and West:

Draw 4 more lines at Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast:

Cut each of the lines:

… and your loom is finished.  Here are great directions for getting started with your bracelet:

Once you start, it’s hard to stop!  Here’s Ms. Kouri’s class lined up and ready to leave the art room:

Our new art room rule is, “watch where you’re weaving”!

While we’re talking about fidget spinners I thought I’d also share these fun directions for making a LEGO fidget spinner and a neat LEGO fidget cube.  Better yet, invent your own way of making a fidget spinner or cube!


Students in kindergarten made this funny big mouth fish after reading the book “Swimmy” by Leo Lionni.  They couldn’t stop laughing!

First Grade​

First grade artists made wacky big mouth ladybugs inspired by Eric Carle’s book “The Grouch Ladybug“!

#HCPSArtFriends Poscard Swap

Finally, I am excited to send off these awesome 5th grade postcards for the first ever Henrico County Public Schools art swap!  Students in 7 area schools made art postcards with happy messages.  You can follow our art swap online by searching #HCPSArtFriends 🙂


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