Fall Goodies

There were so many exciting things happening this week in the art room!


Kindergarten artists created “frightening” creatures inspired by painter Jean-Michel Basquiat’s paintings.  We read “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me” by poet Maya Angelou.  We had so much fun creating SCARY creatures!

First Grade

First grade artists painted big, beautiful pumpkins using primary colors!  This week we cut them out and added curly vines!

Second Grade

Second grade artists are learning about painter Yayoi Kusama, a Japanese painter who is obsessed with dots and pumpkins!  Last week students drew wiggly, wobbly pumpkins and painted them purple by mixing red and … blue!  This week, we worked on the backgrounds for the pumpkin collages by printing triangles with metallic paint.

Third Grade

Third grade students are studying the photographs of our universe taken by the Hubble Telescope.  We are experimenting with a variety of media and drawing and painting techniques to create our own galaxies!  This week students used vibrant watercolor paints and oil pastels to create the background for their paintings.  As a finishing touch we added a sprinkle of salt to make the illusion of faraway stars!  We’re putting the A in STEM for a little STEAM!

Fourth Grade

Speaking of STEAM, check out this cool monochromatic landscapes inspired by this summer’s solar eclipse!  Students were so excited to tell me all about their eclipse experience!  We used purple paint to make the backgrounds.  We used white to make it lighter and black to make it darker.  Finally, we added a giant moon blocking most of the light from the sun and a tree!

Fifth Grade

Fifth grade students are starting an art unit learning about how artists are inspired by dance to connect with our schoolwide theme of “Greenwood Grooves”!  We will be creating 3-D junk collages of skeletons in motion.  To get us thinking about how the body moves and bends as we dance, students worked on a series of fun stations.

The first station had photographs of famous dancers and lots of junk materials to experiment with.  Students created a skeleton collage using found objects then took a quick photograph with the ipad.

The second station had 4 photos of dancers from the Alvin Ailey Dance Troupe.  Students created gesture drawings of these dancers then put the sheets in a sandwich bag they will use to collect found objects of their own to use in the collages they will begin this week.  That’s right…. HOMEWORK! 🙂

The third station had more photographs of dancers and supplies for printing a skeleton moving like the dancer in the photograph!


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