Henrico Humane Society Pet Expo!


It’s Pet Expo time!

The Henrico Humane Society is hosting their annual Pet Expo on January 13th!  It is a wonderful event that highlights the important work they do to find happy homes for dogs and cats in our community.  There will be vendors selling goodies for pets, demonstrations of amazing dog tricks and most importantly you will be able to meet the dogs and cats looking for homes!

Our Gator artists have been busy making art inspired by these special dogs and cats!  There will be cat portraits on display made by our amazing first graders as well as cat jewelry made by our fourth graders!

First Grade

First grade artists learned about painter Andy Warhol and his cat illustrations.  We read the true story, “Uncle Andy’s Cats” and each student had the chance to draw a portrait of a REAL cat currently up for adoption at the HHS.  Next week, we will use watercolor paints to add unusual colors for these lovely cats!



We can’t wait to paint these lovelies this week!  We love snow days but we love to paint, too!!

Fourth Grade

Our fourth grade puppy portraits brought smiles to so many faces at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens!  You can read all about our puppy project here 🙂  Check out these fantastic shrinky-dink pins!  Fourth graders made tiny cat portraits inspired by the kitties at the Henrico Humane Society!  These pins will be for sale at the Pet Expo to benefit the HHS!



I hope you will consider stopping by the Pet Expo to see our work and to support the HHS!  Please check out the Henrico Humane Society‘s website for more details about the Pet Expo!


2 thoughts on “Henrico Humane Society Pet Expo!

  1. I stopped by your table at PetExpo. The pins were so AMAZING that I purchased three of them! Thanks to your kids and to you for your support of Henrico Humane Society!!!


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