Pet Expo Fun

Pet Expo Fun

Saturday was the Pet Expo!  My 9 year old son and I had a blast sharing the artwork made by our Gators and helping to raise money for the Henrico Humane Society!


We sold ALL of these adorable cat pins and collected nearly $200 for the Henrico Humane Society!!  Way to go, Gators!




We saw some familiar faces check out their artwork and hang out with all of the adorable dogs roaming the Pet Expo!  The Henrico Humane Society gave our participating artists free admission for the day!


Nutzy stopped by our display, too!!


Check out these amazing paintings made by our first grade artists inspired by the cats at the Henrico Humane Society!


This was my view for the day… just watching the parade of the most adorable dogs in Richmond!


Thank you all for your support of our artists as we work to make our community a better place 🙂

More News!

I am so happy to introduce Ms. Gretchen Mull to our art room!  She is a student teacher visiting us from VCU (go Rams!!).  She is so excited to work with our Gators!  Here’s a note from Ms. Mull:

Hello Greenwood friends!

My name is Ms. Mull and I am a student teacher from VCU. I will be working with Mrs. Barlett in the art room for the next 7 weeks. I have been studying art and teaching at VCU for the last four years and student teaching is my last step before becoming a licensed teacher! A few of my favorite art activities include working with clay, water coloring, and printmaking with unconventional materials. 

I am very excited to work with the incredible Greenwood Gator family and share a few of my new art lessons!  See you in the art room very soon!


Gretchen Mull


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