Painting, Printing, Rolling!

The art room has been buzzing with activity as Ms. Mull, VCU student teacher, has been leading lessons with our Gators.


Kindergarten artists had a chance to experiment with a series of printmaking stations this week.  Each class rotated through 3 stations using either warm or cool colors.  We printed with bubble wrap, sponges and even matchbox cars!  Printing was (messy) fun!

IMG_8786.jpg IMG_8787.jpg


Printmaking was just the first step of our project.  I will share Part II next week!

First Grade

First grade artists finished their Pokemon-inspired clay creatures with a variety of animal characteristics like eyes, ears, wings and tails.  A few groups were able to begin glazing, which is how we add color to clay!



Second Grade

Second grade artists are learning about how artists use symbols.  We looked at Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, a system of pictures that represent ideas.  Students were asked to create a series of symbols that represent themselves.  We used foam sheets as our printing plate.  The plates were colored with markers and pressed onto a wet sheet of paper.  The ink from the markers created a print on the paper!  The process was repeated several times and students were encouraged to experiment with the colors and amount of water used.  The process can be a little unpredictable but always had interesting results!



Making multiple prints means coming up with creative ways to carry your art to the drying rack!

Third Grade

Third grade students are beginning a unit on weaving!  We looked at weaving traditions from First Americans as well as from Ghana in West Africa!  We learned how these artists use colors and shapes in their weavings to tell stories and communicate ideas.  Students wrapped the warp on their cardboard looms and had an opportunity to create a symbolic plan for the story they plan to tell with their weavings.


Cardboard looms ready for weaving!


Colorful plans for symbolic weavings.

Fourth Grade

Fourth grade students have been working on blind contour drawings inspired by the work of Jean DuBuffet and contemporary artist Ian Sklarsky.

Students were challenged to draw portraits or self-portraits without looking at their paper!  They were encouraged to make close observations by only looking at the subject of their drawing… it’s challenging, but fun!


Once the drawings are finished, pencil lines are outlined with permanent marker and painted with watercolors.  Next week, we will finish painting and add smaller details and doodles with a thin sharpie.


Fifth Grade

Fifth grade students are making face mugs inspired by American ceramicist Mitchell Grafton.  Students sketched plans for their expressive face mugs first by studying their own faces in mirrors as they made a variety of funny, scary or shocked faces!  Next, they used rolling pins and precut templates to make slab-built cylinders.  The clay cups were packed in large plastic boxes to keep the clay moist and flexible.  This week, students will add expressive faces to the walls of their mugs.  We are so excited to see how they turn out!




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