We’ve been feeling a little crafty in the art room!  We are weaving, working with clay, quilting (with paper) and more!


Kindergarten artists are wrapping up their fun Richard Scarry-inspired lesson with Ms. Mull this week.  Students cut out their imaginative cars and glued them to a “road” on the lovely painted paper they made several weeks ago.  Before gluing the cars down, though, we made a short stop motion movie of their cars travelling through Romare Bearden’s “The Block”!  Check out our Instagram page @TheArtsyArtRoom for these adorable videos!



First Grade

First grade artists learned about painter Alma Thomas, an artist and art teacher from Washington DC.  She created abstract paintings inspired by nature.  Although her work is abstract and you can not quickly identify an object, she provides titles which reveal her inspiration.  Students had fun looking at her work and guessing the natural inspiration before learning the title of the painting.


Painter, Alma Thomas with “Spring Flowers in Washington DC”


“Irises and crocus'”


“Triceratops in the Sun”


“Rainbow Flowers”

Students used sponges to create abstract paintings inspired by nature as well.  We listened to nature sounds (thank you Amazon Prime Music!) like chirping birds and trickling water to inspire us.  Finally, we gave our paintings a title, to provide a clue about our abstract work.

Second Grade

Second grade artists finished their unit on printmaking with Ms. Mull with an introduction to Amish quilting traditions.  Students selected their favorite print to create a quilt block.  We used construction paper to cut geometric shapes to surround our prints.  When the class was finished we assembled the blocks into a classroom quilt.


“Mrs Wrighter’s Class Quilt”

Third Grade

Third graders are still in “weaving mode” … and they love it!  We will spend one more week weaving!


Fourth Grade

Fourth grade students are starting a new unit inspired by American painter Amy Sherald.  She was selected by former First Lady Michelle Obama to create her official portrait for the National Portrait Gallery.  We will be making portraits of famous women in history in recognition of Women’s History Month in March.


Painter, Amy Sherald

To begin our unit, students practice making a variety of shades with an Ebony pencil.  We then worked on a sketch of our classroom teacher 🙂  Thank you for letting us draw you, lovely 4th grade teachers!


Students also finished up their blind contour portraits with zentangle doodles and wild, wonderful paint colors.  Check out the solution these friends had for their portraits.  So sweet!


Fifth Grade

Fifth grade students are working on finishing their face mugs!  We are painting them with glaze and they look awesome!  I can’t wait to see the final results following the glaze fire!  Please note, the weird smurf blue color is actually the final glaze coat that will be clear and shiny 🙂



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