Plants, Animals and People Too!

I don’t know about you but I am SO excited that spring is on the way!  Our lessons this week are reflecting the sights and sounds of warmer weather…


Kindergarten artists are beginning a unit of color mixing.  To begin our lesson we watched a short video of “Peep in the Big Wide World” all about how to mix primary colors.  We used shapes to create six silly birds like Peep!  Next week we will use the 3 primary colors to make a rainbow family of silly birds.

Kindergarten Birdies

First Grade

First grade artists are creating self-portrait collages inspired by painter Frida Kahlo.  She loved making self-portraits! We read the lovely book “Viva Frida” and made observations about Frida’s paintings:

  1. She doesn’t always paint herself exactly the way she looks in real life.
  2. She likes to include clues about herself in her paintings.
  3. She loved animals and liked to include them in her self portraits.

Students are using paper and collage techniques to create self-portraits.  We will be adding “clues” to our self-portraits that help express special things about us.

First Grade Self-Portraits

Second Grade

Second grade artists are working on colorful paintings inspired by New Orleans painter George Rodrigue and his famous “Blue Dog”.  We looked at several paintings and compared their similarities and differences.  I shared the book “Why is Blue Dog Blue?” to explore some reasons Rodrigue selected the colors he used in his paintings.  We love this book!

Students drew Blue Dog and began painting her in a variety of colorful ways!  These are a work in progress 🙂


If you want to try drawing Blue Dog on your own check out my tutorial!

Third Grade

Third grade artists are learning how to create tints and shades.  A tint is a color + white, a shade is a color + black.  This week we worked on making delicious looking TINTS for the enormous ice cream cones we will begin building in a few weeks.  What flavors can you see in the colors below?  Don’t they look tasty??

Third Grade Tints

Fourth Grade

Fourth grade artists continue to work on their portraits inspired by Women’s History Month and artist Amy Sherald.  They are looking so fantastic!

I was so tickled when Amy Sherald commented my Instagram post!!!


Maya Angelou and Malala

Fifth Grade

Fifth grade artists are beginning a new printmaking unit inspired by artist Kehinde Wiley.  Wiley had an amazing exhibit at the VMFA several years ago and I was very inspired by his unique work!

Most recently, Wiley’s official portrait of former president Obama was unveiled.  We looked at the portrait and were able to see how the artist used symbolic flowers to communicate information about the president’s roots.

Students used flowers to express their own unique qualities.  We looked at birth month flowers, our state flower as well as the “language of flowers” from the Victorian era.

Fifth Grade Symbolic Flowers

Our next step will be to create prints from these flower plates.  Eventually, we will use technology to create self-portraits using our prints as the floral background!

School Board Art Show

I am so proud of Cali in Ms. Wilson’s class!  Her poppy field painting was selected by Henrico County School Superintendent Dr. Pat Kinlaw to represent all the elementary schools in Henrico at this year’s Virginia School Board Association art contest!  Way to go, Cali!



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